Our Project Formula

Steps involved in completing a Project

Our Recipe for Success!

What is involved in a landscaping project? We realize that some work around the house can be daunting so we would like to help you gain a better understanding of what is involved.

1. How do I get started?

Begin by collecting ideas. This could include:

2. Determine your budget

Having a budget for your landscaping project is very important. There is often no need to get everything done at the same time, making a larger project more affordable and may offer many other benefits, including:

  • How much do you want to spend?
    This is a pretty huge factor to consider. Landscape projects can be costly but if you plan properly you can do it over a period of time. There are many benefits, including:
    • Working in stages will be easier on your pocket book and you can enjoy your yard earlier than if you had to wait to do everything at once.
    • Ideas may change and plans can be adjusted. You may decide that adding a water feature is now more interesting than the retaining wall you considered just last year. This may also result in potential savings, if your future plans turn out to be less involved.
  • Prioritize: What do you want most?
    Logical thinking- You may want to have your front yard landscape but if you finish it you may not have access into the back yard. Planning for the future will help keep your costs down and prevent you from having to redo something that was already completed.
  • Level of involvement: Working as a team
    Would you like to do some of the work yourself or would you rather leave everything to us?
  • Quality: You do not always have to go with the most expensive products but sometimes spending a bit more now will prevent you from having to redo something later.
    A great example is installing a lawn: Adding the proper amount of quality topsoil will make a huge difference down the road. If the root system does not have the proper foundation to grow, grass cannot establish and you may end up with a lot of weeds instead of a lush, green lawn.
3. Consultation

Once you have a few ideas and rough budget we meet with you to discuss options. If the project is large, it can be set up in stages over a period of time.

We can help you determine what steps should be taken to help you achieve your dream landscape with a cost effective long term plan.

4. Proposal

Once we determine what you want we can prepare a written estimate. If the cost is determined to be above your budget we will make adjustments to the scope of work to fit within your budget amount.

We can also discuss the option of you doing some of the work yourself, saving you even more money. Please note we may not be able to offer a warranty for certain products or services unless we perform all work ourselves.

5. Work agreement

Once the budget is determined and the estimate approved, you will receive a written work agreement to be signed by both parties.

We then plan a start date for the project. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule but certain factors need to be considered, like the type and scope of project, time of year, other contractors and the weather. In case of delays, we do our best to keep you informed.

6. Follow-up

Once the project is complete, we will provide information concerning required maintenance, warranties, and equipment manuals and training if required.

= Peace of mind

Regardless of the job, we will always be able to provide after-care and offer assistance for anything we install.

We have been providing quality service for 56 years and stand behind our products and workmanship. We invite you to review comments from our happy clients.